the video is the result of a collaboration between sophia kleyboldt (research assistant »flipped gender«, university of hamburg), illustrator lena hällmayer and motion designer georg krefeld - and thus an interdisciplinary and creative exchange between word and image.
it conveys complex gender-sociological topics around »work and gender« in a short, clear and understandable way. historical contexts are told as a journey through time and current social lines of conflict are presented in a way that focuses on the essentials.
motion design: georg krefeld
illustration: lena hällmayer
concept, text: sophia kleyboldt
speaker: siri keil
sound design: gavin weiss

production: hällmayer/krefeld
the video was created as part of the project »flipped gender«,
sponsored by the faculty of economics and social sciences of the uhh.
project management: prof. dr. almut peukert, junior professor for sociology, esp. work, organization and gender