editing, post production: georg krefeld
production: stoptrick gmbh
© stoptrick 2008
this amazingly recent film was my first project with katrin and jim and the last one
to be shot with jim´s 35mm mitchell camera.

under the label »stoptrick« we produced stop motion animated movies until 2014,
commercials as well as independent productions. I used my After Effects skills and
learned everything i know about animation, timing and retouching rigs. 
editing, postproduction: georg krefeld
production: stoptrick gmbh
© stoptrick 2014

excerpts from stoptrick's last film »whodunnit«. we produced it in stereoscopic 3D.
both films are distributed by: https://verleih.shortfilm.com/ in hamburg. 

three commercials we made:
this is truely my favorite, the blumfeld promo »tics«. unfortunately shot before my time at stoptrick: