what does segregation mean? what is ethnic and social segregation in day care centers? how does segregation come about and do the providers of the facilities have anything to do with it? who actually allocates the daycare places - and what is the relationship between the allocation of daycare places and segregation? 

in these two videos we present questions, approaches and results of the research project »set«.​​​​​​​
#1 - What does segregation mean?
#2 - How does segregation come about?
direction: Hällmayer/Krefeld
illustration: Lena Hällmayer
animation + postproduktion: georg krefeld
text: dr. n.hogrebe, dr. j.mierendorff, g.nebe, s. schulder

speaker: leena fahje
sound design: gavin weiss

produktion: hällmayer/krefeld

the video was produced within the framework of the joint project »segregation and sponsorship« (set)
martin luther university halle-wittenberg and hamburg university of applied sciences
project management: prof. dr. johanna mierendorff, prof. dr. nina hogrebe
scientific assistance: dipl päd. gesine nebe ma, Stefan schulder ma 
supported by the Ffederal ministry of education and research

extended project introduction